Scott Wherley, PhD

Scott Wherley is a market research and management professional with a diverse background in customer insights and strategic planning. He helped co-found what is now Zonalytic while in graduate school in 1999. He leads the Marketing Strategy and Business Development divisions with a core focus on strategic marketing through market research and enhancing the customer experience as well as all of Business Development.

Scott’s passion is better understanding the customer experience through market research by identifying customer needs, measuring customer satisfaction, and developing strategies to enhance the overall CX.  Scott strategic marketing  background helps clients clearly articulate their value propositions aiding the effectiveness of marketing communication to help identify new business opportunities.  Scott has championed efforts to cascade customer-focused vision and strategies for hundreds of events worldwide.

Scott is a skilled presenter, speaker and facilitator of workshops, strategic planning sessions and focus groups with both management teams and customers. His work spans a portfolio of over 450 for-profit and non-profit events in 39 countries, including trade and consumer exhibitions, conferences, association meetings, membership seminars and professional & intercollegiate sporting events. He has worked with brands ranging across 44 industry sectors – from aerospace and aviation to manufacturing engineering to sports and recreation.

Scott received his PhD in Marketing and Management from the University of Connecticut. His Bachelors degree is from Florida State University and he is avid supporter of the Seminoles. 

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